On a recent episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith decided to speak on the behalf of all Black people. LeBron has been speaking very openly on his Barbershop show. LBJ has been criticized by some for cursing a lot and speaking on controversial issues.
So, Stephen A. Smith says "I am starting to get worried about Lebron James. "
Smith would go on to note that Lebron is saying whatever he wants to say. What really got to me though was Stephen A. Smith implies that Black men are not allowed to say whatever they want to say. He then makes it seem as if Lebron was in some kind of trouble and that some people are coming to bring Lebron down or in some way, he would be punished for speaking his mind.

Stephen A. Smith is putting energy out there is very dangerous and very slave like in mentality.
Why would you ever tell a Black man not to speak his mind when the rest of the world has that privilege. In a country that stresses freedom of speech, Black people have the right to that same privilege as any other race/nationality. Laura Ingram of FOX News once told Lebron to shut up and dribble. If I'm Lebron, Ingram's statement would only encourage me to speak out even more. So I don't understand Stephen A. Smith's reasoning on this one.

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