Robert Kraft and 24 other men have been charged with paying for sex acts. One incident occurred the day of the AFC championship game.
Robert Kraft was videotaped receiving oral sex and manual sex at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Florida.
“We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity,” a spokesperson for Kraft said in a statement last week. “Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”
State Attorney Dave Aronberg spoke on the matter.
“The larger picture, which we must all confront, is the cold reality that many prostitutes in cases like this are themselves, victims, often lured to this country with promises of a better life, only to be forced to live and work in a sweatshop or a brothel performing sex acts for strangers,” Aronberg said.
What's gonna be interesting from this point on, is how will the NFL react to this?
Robert Kraft has been the owner of the leagues greatest team of the past 20 years. The Patriots have set the standard for all other NFL franchises, winning 6 Championships and making 9 Super Bowl appearances since 2001.
With all of the other scandals surrounding the Patriots organization over the years, such as Deflate-Gate and Spy Gate. It would not be too far fetched to think that the NFL has reasons to remove Robert Kraft from his ownership position.


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