Why is "Media Matters" putting pressure on big tech to censor the word groomer? It's been reported that Twitter and Reddit have both censored the word groomer. Media Matters reports that Twitter has confirmed that harassing LGBTQ people with the baseless “groomer” slur violates its rules against hateful conduct and temporarily suspended “New Discourses” founder James Lindsay for using the slur.

Media matters accused right-wing media of amplifying the idea of people in the LGBTQ community of being harmful to children. 

The truth is the left has been completely silent on the exploitation of children. Even while content showing drag queens with children sitting on their laps was uploaded to social media platforms in order to prove that there are predators that are grooming children, the left-wing media gave it little to no coverage. Now that there is a mass awakening to the pedophile-like behavior of these individuals, the left decided to do what they do best "play victim."

 It's amazing how the left is so obsessed with changing the sexual identity of children. Every day there is more propaganda shoved into faces about the sexual identity of children and how children should be able to change their sex even if they are not even able to read and write yet. So I am going to say the quiet part out loud the Democratic party has become the party of groomers and predator enablers. They have no problem grooming children; they just don't like to be called out for it, which shows you the difference between the two parties. The right is labeled as extremists, insurrectionists, conspiracy theorists, and sometimes even worse. But you never see right-wing media calling for bans and censorship of their opponents. The left, on the other hand, feel the need to own the argument, every argument altogether. 

Big tech censorship has gotten way out of hand; everyone knows this already. But who would have ever thought that American tech companies would provide cover for pedophiles? So much and so, they have given pedos more rights than those attempting to expose them. So my main question here is, why does the word groomer offend liberals so much, and not the individuals doing the actual grooming?


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