Liz Chaney loses GOP primary to Trump-backed challenger. This is the news report from CNBC. Chaney, the liberal pretending to be a conservative, has lost her house seat to Harriet Hageman.
This was to be expected especially considering that not long after, she became the most recognized Republican in the January 6th show trial, which only sent her poll numbers in a downward spiral.

Even the liberal-based news has admitted that Chaney's connection to the January 6th trial has negatively impacted her political career.

CNBC reports, "Cheney’s political future had seemed much brighter until fairly recently. The daughter of a former vice president, Liz Cheney had been the No. 3-ranking Republican in the House and had easily won her last election in 2020."

Funny, this is also a reminder that Dems have lost their grip on people's minds. This is just the beginning of what I believe will be a shit storm of anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats being removed and replaced by Pro-America first candidates. The left tried desperately to keep the appearance of being neutral or, shall I say, "fair and balanced." Still, the recent attacks on Trump, and conservatives, and the American people as a whole have caused the people to lose trust in the establishment.

After two years of lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, and the Biden administration sticking the FBI on parents, it has become evident that Democrats in power can be very dangerous to our country. But even more dangerous is RINO-Deep state Republican. It is time to vote every swamp creature out!

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