This is hilarious! The NY Times blames America's distrust of flip-flop Fauci on Trump. But not just Trump, they have a few reasons why Mr. Science is no longer popular.

Here's the list the NY Times offered us:

"Right-wing politicization, misinformation, fear of science, callousness to mass death and Donald Trump’s personal vendetta are ‌common answers‌. There is much truth in these accounts. "

It's funny; I didn't see Fauci's flip-flopping on that list. I didn't see Fauci's mistreatment of beagle puppies on there or the fact that Fauci arrogantly scoffed at the idea of there being a lab leak that may have triggered the 2020 pandemic and changed the definition of what "gain of function" is.

The NY Times should be ashamed of themselves but as we all know they no shame. In fact, they went as far to label Fauci a "victim of our polarized era and broken media environment." That's odd I remembered Fauci being protected by the media not attacked by the media.

Then there is the big one, "herd immunity," even the people that don't believe in the lab leak theory know by now that there is no working vaccine for covid. Getting boosted does nothing. Every day you see more and more people stating that they have been vaccinated and boosted, but they still have covid. But in the beginning, Fauci scoffed at herd immunity just as everyone else deemed the so-called experts. Now people are like to hell with this. I am moving on with my life.  But don't tell that to NY Times, though. The NY Times blames Trump and right-wing politicization. Not the many failures of Fauci, no, that could never be the case.

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