Rapper and well-known Democratic apologist Cardi B has just now realized that the country is in economic turmoil. Cardi B went on social media and complained about how high rent is, even in poorer neighborhoods. She admits that we are heading into a recession.


Though I agree with Cardi's sentiments, and I applaud her for speaking out publicly to voice her concerns about the looming economic disaster that we are facing. I have to say she is a tad bit late to the party. After all, she has been cozying up with Democratic reps for quite some time now. Out of everything she said, I noticed that she did not say; she did not say exactly who was responsible for this economic collapse. It's one thing to say how bad things are, but it's another thing to admit who the cause of the problems is. Of course, for her to do that, she would have to call out the entire Democratic party, which would lead to her almost immediate cancellation. In this world of cancellation, going against the mainstream media is almost like putting a target on your forehead.

The problem with a lot of these woke celebrities that push the mainstream media's propaganda is that even when they realize that their political views are wrong, they rarely apologize and address the people that told that are behind the propaganda. That being said, if you are waiting for Cardi B to admit that the Biden administration has been an absolute failure and is the root cause of this economic disaster, I would not hold my breath.

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