An idiot blogger for MSNBC, "Ju'an Jones," accuses Florida Governor Ron Desantis of being a racist due to his anti-riot bill. The bill is intended to prevent mass riots such as those in 2020 via Antifa and Black Lives Matters, which led to the burning of homes, cars, and businesses broken into. But somehow, the ultra-left blogger managed to make this a racial issue. It seems to be all they can ever do is further inject division and hate.

Worthy of note is the fact that Jones is not just giving his own opinion; no, in fact, Jones claims that the UN disapproves of the way the state of Florida is being governed.

"The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Tuesday issued a report examining discrimination across the globe that name-checked Florida House Bill 1, an oppressive anti-protest law pushed by DeSantis, the state's Republican governor." Jones wrote.

Again with the racist rhetoric. It's the only card the liberals have left. But what's even more disturbing is that Jones props up the United Nations as if it's some kind of divine entity with dominion over the United States of America. Don't let the liberal talking heads fool you; they do not care for American democracy. No matter how much they scream, they want to protect our democracy. The truth is the Democratic party as a whole has sold America out to the United Nations along with the Davos group World Economic Forum. So if you ever find yourself asking why the Dems are constantly promoting anti-American ideas? It's because they are not Americans. They may be US citizens, but their hearts belong to Klaus Schwab and WEF.


On a side note, Desantis is suing the FDA for failing to comply with a public-records request about the state’s proposed program to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. Desantis called the delay in approving the proposed program unreasonable and said importing drugs from Canada is "75 percent cheaper."

“The lack of transparency by the Biden administration during the approval process, and failure to provide records on the importation proposal, is costing Floridians who are facing rising prices across the board due to inflation. Florida is confident in our importation model, and we continue to look for more ways to lower drug costs for Floridians. At the same time, the FDA delays approval of this importation proposal,” Desantis said.

Not surprisingly, the liberal media has remained silent on this particular topic because there is not much room for using terms such as racist or right-wing extremism when addressing the importation of drugs 75 cheaper than the alternative.

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