The globalists have normalized cashless payment systems over the decades, leading meaning to believe that this would ultimately lead to a mark-of-the-beast system starting with a completely cashless society. While some may feel that those who have warned of the system to come we're overreaching or exaggerating, the informed have seen this scenario play out in real-time.

The elites have openly discussed their plans to build a new system. One that will remove civil liberties. But still, this has not been enough to wake up a significant portion of the public. Some seem to have put so much trust in their government that the idea of it purposefully collapsing society to achieve a new world order, with a few elitist groups in complete control, seems like a far-fetched tinfoil hat theory.

America is quickly entering the era of cashless stores, moving rapidly into the age of no checkout and payments via QR codes. Even with these signs staring, the normies in their faces, they still can not comprehend it. And what's worse is some actually like the idea of handing over their freedom to the government and unelected officials. In some ways, the normies may be our worst enemy. They have put themselves on the front lines and are allies of the new world order.

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