Many have speculated that there was a sinister reason for the multiple train derailments that have taken place over the past two months. One theory is that the recent derailments are a deep state-driven ploy to distract the public from significant world events that are taking place. For example, the Epstein files, the Fauci files, the Pfizer files, food plants being destroyed, etc. Yes this makes perfect sense when using logic and critical thinking, especially when one understands the goals of the globalists.

Yet another theory that may not have been considered even by the most watchful and well-informed. The idea is that train derailments often lead to chemical spills which lead to the toxification of landmass. It is allegedly written in the Agenda 2030 law that when land is deemed too toxic by the federal government, the government can seize that land and force individuals off of that land. If this is true, then you can bet that the globalists will take full advantage of each derailment, seizing upon the land.

I believe one user on Rumble laid it out perfectly. She wrote this is “the classic Hegelian dialect with every event. Equates a land grab through toxic, chemical contamination. Then big AG (Agriculture) comes in to assess the damage, gas light with fear of health concerns. Ultimately condemning if the victim is uncooperative.” – Charyleanneanon on Rumble.

This is a classic example of problem, reaction solution.

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