While most Americans were distracted by domestic politics and trying to make a living under Bidenflation, a more sinister development was taking place on the global monetary arena.

During the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023 that took place between April 10 and April 16 in Washington D.C., the international body hailed a new “Universal Monetary Unit” called the “Unicoin.”

The new universal coin (represented by symbol Ü) was created by the Digital Currency Monetary Authority which describes itself as an advocacy group for digital currency innovations. The international central bank digital currency (CBDC) would work with all existing currencies of participating countries to create a “global currency.”

Despite its glamorous facade, the new global digital currency is a harbinger of the New World Order and poses a significant threat to our financial freedom.
The United States has maintained its financial freedom largely because it manages the most important asset, the global payment currency.

Once the universal coin becomes the payment standard, the United States would lose the sovereignty of its own currency. In turn, this would greatly undermine our monetary policy, leaving it in the hands of other nations. 

Unfortunately, since the Biden administration weaponized the global payment system, many countries have considered adopting other payment options and ditching the dollar.
Although these attempts have largely been unsuccessful, a Universal Coin gives these countries another opportunity to undermine the dollar. Should such attempts succeed, the United States would be subordinate to a financial system managed by external parties. Countries such as China have been manipulating their domestic currencies to undercut the United States. But being in charge of the global payment currency, these attempts have not been as devastating as intended because the United States takes corrective actions.  

However, a global coin would encourage countries such as China to further manipulate their currencies relative to the highly unregulated or disputed Universal Coin. Being subordinate to a global currency with no reliable central stabilizing authority would deny the United States its financial freedom which has ensured the stability of our economy.

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