Author and investigative journalist Dr. Thomas Horn explains the true purpose of Cern. In his sit-down discussion with Sky-Watch tv, Dr. Horn explains how the Cern Hadron Collider plans to open portals to other dimensions, i.e., "Stargate."  Some speculate that Cern has already done so.


Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, the Director of Research at Cern, was asked by the "Register" if Cern was opening an extraterrestrial doorway and responded, "Yes, something might come out of it, or we might send something through it." 
This is an open admission that Cern has at least tried to open up a portal, though msm scoffed at people for alleging that Cern is summoning demons or, at least, trying to open up a black hole. Though the technicality of the words may be a little off, the initial premise holds firm. Cern aims to tap into something unworldly, extraterrestrial, and possibly out of this dimension. 
Every since Cern fired up the hydron collider in 2012, there has been such an up tic in theories of time travel, alternate universes, and even more so, the "Mandela Effect." Could this all be a coincidence? 

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