Former President Trump vows to establish a special Presidential Commission to investigate what is causing the decades-long increase in chronic illnesses. More importantly, Trump says his committee will investigate Big Pharma.

“If Big Pharma defrauds American patients and taxpayers and puts profits above people, they must be investigated and held accountable,” Trump stated.

“When I’m back in the White House,” Trump vowed, “I will establish a special presidential commission of independent minds who are not bought and paid for by Big Pharma, and I will charge them with investigating what is causing the decades-long increase in chronic illnesses.”

Trump has been under political pressure from his base over the past three years due to his perpetual promotion of the Covid-19 vaccines. Although polls have Trump ahead of all potential Republican opponents, the vaccine issue has been his akelis heel. Even some of Trump's most staunch supporters have been critical of his stance on Covid vaccines. 

Although Trump's promises make for a great sound bite, some people simply do not believe him; for some, Trump's take on Big Pharma may be too little, too late.



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