WHO and EU are Building a Global COVID Digital Certificate. 

Written by Alicia Hope

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced it would create a Global Digital Health Certification Network by adopting the EU Digital COVID Certificate framework. 

According to WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the certificate would grant participating countries “access to an open-source digital health tool.”

The globalist move would increase the number of countries and territories using the EU COVID digital Certificate from 80 to the majority. The two organizations promised to ensure “maximum global uptake and participation.” 

Since July 2021, when the European Union enforced the COVID digital certificate, over 2.3 billion individuals have acquired the document that can be issued digitally or on paper.

Additionally, the two organizations said they were looking at how the global digital COVID certificate would cover “additional use cases.” 

Both organizations are also developing several digital products, including the EU’s digital identity app that would allow people to control their identity online and interact with businesses and governments, according to the union’s President Ursula von der Leyen.

Citing protection from “future health threats,” the global health organization said the digital certificate would “help facilitate global mobility,” suggesting it could be mandatory for traveling or accessing certain services. 

Additionally, privacy advocates have warned that a global health certificate would allow governments to spy on their citizens and create a central control point allowing them to shut down people’s lives.

However, Thierry Breton, the European Union’s Commissioner for Internal Market, promised that the global COVID digital certificate would “build on the privacy-preserving principles and cutting-edge technology of the EU certificate.”

Nevertheless, the global health body has no control over the certificate-issuing process and cannot dictate how governments use COVID-related information. Similarly, governments have frequently proven incapable of protecting sensitive data. 

For example, Ontario’s COVID-19 portal leaked the personal information of 360,000 individuals, while the Brazilian Ministry of Health exposed 16 million COVID-19 patients.

According to Australian Liberal Party Senator Alex Antic, the WHO global COVID digital certificate was “just another conspiracy theory coming true.”

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