Social media has been buzzing since Ice Cube began to speak out against the gatekeepers in the entertainment business circles. Of course, his major gripe had been the NBA blocking his BIG 3 basketball league being somewhat blackballed in the NBA.

Ice Cube has also spoken on the vaccine  mandates and how he turned down $9 million for a movie role due to the movie set vaccine mandates. 

All in all, while I may agree with Ice Cubes' stance against the machine or the gatekeepers, it must be noted that the powers that be are not too keen on superstars exposing their interworkings. Although Cube is not going as far as to tell the ultra elites like the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers, he is peeling back the curtain enough to ruffle some feathers. I would even go as far as to say Ice Cube is border lining danger. It is common for artists and entertainers to be "taken out" at the request of the elites, especially at the end of their careers. The old saying is that some artists are more profitable than they are alive. 

It's been years since Ice Cube released relevant music, and he could find himself in a very dangerous situation. I will just leave it there. And that was my moment of honesty.

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