While talking to reporters, Steve Bannon went off on a rant, calling out Jan 6 committee chairman Bennie Thompson. Bannon was understandably upset that Thompson charged him with a crime.

"I challenge Bennie Thompson today to have the courage to come here to this courthouse; if he's going to charge somebody with a crime, he's got be man enough to show up here..." Bannon shouted.

Bannon notably reinforced his stance on the 2020 election being rigged for the Democrats, calling Biden an illegitimate President and shouting out, "Trump won!"


Bannon called out the committee for having a hearing without the testimony of witnesses that could confirm the involvement of the FBI and DHS. Such testimony would be essential to proving the January 6 defendants were not complicit in a plot to storm the capital or incite a violent insurrection. In fact, AOC accidentally admitted on camera that capital police opened the doors to allow the people into the capital on January 6. 

Politically, the trial is not helping the Democratic party much at all.  The January 6 committee has lost viewers since the first night it aired, probably because most people see it as a one-sided staged show with terrible actors. 

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