CommieFornia is back at again!

Deadline reports that this year's Comic-con which is to be held in San Diego, CA will not only require face masks but also a health pass by way of proof of vaccination.

“You’ll need to use Health Pass to confirm health & safety requirements before entering the event,” Comic-Con said.

It is incredible that after all of the proof that the vaccine does not stop the spread of covid, and even with the lord of the pandemic himself, Dr. Fauci, testing positive for covid just recently, there are still certain deep state operatives that are desperately pushing the fear-mongering campaign. So much in so that Comic-con still wants you to believe that their mandatory health pass system is for public safety.

“This policy is in place to ensure the health and safety of all fans,” reads the text. “Security will be on-site to support adherence to the policy.”

The globalists have fully exposed themselves at this point. But as I have stated before, exposure is far beyond the so-called elites. The globalists are taking  major steps towards a complete worldwide dictatorship.

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