While speaking at a DNC pride month event, President Biden's transgender health assistant promoted the castration of young children.But she doesn't call it that, she calls it "gender affirming." And and went as far as to call it "lifesaving."

The sick weirdo leftwing is obsessed with grooming children and changing their sex and identity. The left is more obsessed with changing the identity of children than they are with almost anything else. If the left spent as much time devoted to fixing the US economy as they promoted the sex change of 10-year-olds, they would not be losing as many voters as they are now.

But they cannot do that. And I think we all know why. The Democratic party has built its brand based on identity politics. They have invested so much into identity politics that it may be impossible for them to back off now. I mean, who cares about high gas prices? No one, at least not on the extreme left. They are too busy ensuring that children in elementary schools are introduced to drag queen storytime.

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