Democrats are worried about their party’s prospects in the upcoming midterm elections. That’s not to say most of them think they can’t win — but that things could get very ugly for them if recent trends continue for the Democratic Party. The party is expected to face a challenging election environment in November, with a significant number of red-state Democrats up for reelection as well as several potential 2020 presidential candidates. And with President Donald Trump still enjoying high approval among GOP voters, this has led many top strategists and pollsters within the party to conclude that Democrats have an uphill climb ahead of them in just six weeks. There are also signs that voters may not be willing to give Democrats another chance in 2020.

Trump still has support from the GOP base. They want him back more than ever now.
President Trump's base is still behind him. That fact could be a problem for Democrats if they cannot change it. Trump has a 91% approval rating among self-identified Republicans who are likely to vote in the midterm elections. The Democratic Party has an uphill battle to try and win back control of the House of Representatives. It is looking like they can lose it. President Trump's popularity among the party faithful could be enough to stave off a blue wave.

Republican enthusiasm is way up. Many of the Democrats are switching parties. Even though Joe Biden is playing the part, Most Republicans will only listen and obey Trump.
Republicans appear to be more motivated than Democrats to vote in the 2022 midterms. They believe the election was rigged. Most Republicans say they will “definitely” vote in the upcoming elections, compared to the Democrats. They believe you cannot lie about a landslide. The number of people who say they’re “very enthusiastic” about voting in November is also higher among Republican voters than Democratic ones. There is more attention. And other surveys show that GOP voters are more interested in watching the upcoming elections than their Democratic counterparts.

Public opinion of Democrats is extremely low
Democrats are the ones who want to change things. And the Conservatives conserve. Historically, the party coming into power does not want to change things. They want to keep things the way they are. That is why they call them conservatives. They want to conserve the Republic, why they are called Republicans. Tradition, Father-Mother roles in the Family, Obedience to God, and Love of the country are some other qualities. Most Americans, want what they like, to stay. They want to conserve our Western culture. Things are going in a good way for them and they want to keep momentum.

The Democrat party has also been hurt by a significant number of scandals and missteps in recent weeks. Joe Biden's son is all over the internet wearing nothing, except sneakers and sunglasses, on beds, doing drugs, weighing cocaine, and flashing guns with hookers. We know the DNC server is in Ukraine because Trump said that to Zelensky in the 2019 press conference meeting. Biden recently fell off a bike in front of a huge crowd. 2000 Mules came out and proved that in the last election between Joe Biden and Trump, the Democrats cheated! Americans are terrified of the left’s aggressive push for everything rainbow and gay. It goes against many Republicans’ values. Democrats, are trying to change reality with all sorts of big changes, including that men can have babies. Ever hear of something so silly? People are so turned off by that. Many who have never voted will come out to counter that. Joe Biden just came out and said all children under 5 months should get the coronavirus vaccine, and he asked for more money to do that. People are going to vote like their life depends on it.

Midterm Election Problems for Democrats
There are also signs that voters may not be willing to give Democrats another chance in 2024. Mayra Flores won a special election for an open House seat, making her the first Mexican-born woman to win an election to the House.
This is a seat that Democrats had always won before. Where there is honest ballot counting, Republicans are winning.

Senate races are looking grim for Democrats
Democrats are also struggling to defend their vulnerable Senate seats in states like Indiana, West Virginia, and Florida. The left party’s candidates in three key Senate campaigns have been trailing behind their Republican opponents in the polls. Missouri Senate candidate Greitens puts out a ‘RINO hunting’ video and got blocked on social media. He made the front pages of the Mainstream Media, calling him dangerous!
But many Right Americans are fed up with Rinos.

It's been a while since the last midterm, so it's time to take stock of where the races stand. Republicans are looking very strong, with several seats in play that they could pick up. There is the problem of sticking together as many Conservatives do not want RINOS, or Republican in Name Only. Dr. Oz won even after Kathy Barnette accused him of " Being a WEF!" Many conservatives came out and turned their back when trump mentioned OZ. Other Candidates were arrested for being there on January 6th if not banned from social media. Even though Republicans are heavily censored, they are still winning, somehow! It is looking like we will not have Nancy Pelosi anymore as house leader.

Democrats have their work cut out for them, and will need to turn out in greater numbers if they want to win. While there are still several weeks left before Election Day, things are starting to look good for Republicans. Several factors are working in their favor, including bad press for Democrats and President Trump's popularity. With all this being said, it's important to stay vigilant as Election Day approaches. Three states decertified the last election, so far, and more will follow. People are watching the elections, like hawks. Cameras are everywhere. It will be very hard for the Left to cheat with ballots, this year. In other countries, people are starting riots when they find out candidates are cheating. Read the tea leaves. These midterms will be a close race that could go either way. Anything can happen, including a big distraction or black swan event. It's certainly not impossible for Democrats to win back the House by cheating. This year, they're going to have their work cut out for them. All eyes are on them.

Written By Suvine

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