The lunatic Mayor of Washington Dc has proven to be just as bat shit crazy as Chicago's nutty Mayor Lightfoot. After damn near every workplace in the country has dropped its covid vaccine mandates in favor of keeping employees, Dc Mayor Bowser is still trying to push vaccine mandates on city employees. 

Fortunately, there is someone else in a position of power that has that is still in favor of the rule of law. A DC judge ruled that Mayor Bowser's vaccine mandate for D.C. employees is unlawful. Judge Maurice Ross ruled that Mayor Bowser lacked the legal authority to impose the  vaccine mandate and that Bowser is now “permanently enjoined from implementing, imposing, and/or enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

You would think with all of the political backlash that may come with attempting to impose these unlawful mandates, especially after being denied by a city Judge, Mayor Bowser would back off and try to save whatever is left of her political career. However, the lunatic Mayor is pushing forward in her efforts to force these clot shot mandates as if the vaccines haven't been exposed for not being neither safe or effective.

In response to the Judges ruling Mayor Bowser released this statement.

"We are reviewing the Court’s ruling, and believe that the judge misunderstood the strength and diversity of the authorities we relied upon in issuing the employee vaccination mandate. Over the past year and a half, we have seen that COVID-19 vaccines work — they keep people out of the hospital and save lives. We are grateful for all residents and employees who stepped up and got vaccinated, whether they did so with no reservations or whether they did so nervously but because they knew it was the right thing to do. Because of our collective effort, countless lives have been saved. Going forward, we will comply with the Court’s orders as we continue encouraging our community to access life-saving vaccines.”

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