You may not know yet, but your pets are about to go "woke." What do I mean by that? Well, in September, CNN launched its pet-shaming campaign by posting on its site that, somehow, pets are a danger to the environment.

Our pets are part of the climate problem. These tips can help you minimize their carbon paw prints. -  CNN

Yes, CNN is promoting the WEF on you and your pets now, claiming that pets need a less meat-based diet. Kimberly Richardson, CNN editor, wrote "...researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis."

Richardson would go on to claim that their meat-heavy diet is the biggest contributor to their carbon pawprints, which requires an abundance of energy.
Although there is no actual scientific facts to prove what Richardson and the rest of these Climate freaks are saying has a shred of truth and legitimacy. However, the woke mob will not only regurgitate whatever script the WEF hands down to them, but they will also try to enforce these tyrannical ideologies on everyone, including animals.

It is now becoming more apparent that the WEF's main agenda is wrapped around climate change. It is the new "pandemic." It is being weaponized by lefty latte-drinking nimwits that feel the need to save the planet from you. Yes, you. You are the number one target in this climate change hoax. The very idea of being able to move freely without being monitored, tracked, and traced will become a thing of the past if we allow the climate Nazis have their way.

Although CNN's article is radical and over the top, the "pets are bad for the environment " mantra is nothing new. Watch this video from the Toronto Sun.

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