News flash, nobody wants fake meat!

Even after almost a decade of alternative meat commercials and ads trying their damnedest to convince the masses that this would be the wave of the future, reports of the eventual demise of the fake meat alternative have finally begun to hit the mainstream.

An article published in Bloomberg Business week pointed out the shortcomings in the alternative meat industry.

"Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad"- BLOOMBERG

The post would highlight that Beyond meat lost sales in almost every channel last quarter. Even laying off its workforce. The lab-grown meat industry has become nothing more than a fad indeed. Just another overly hyped media sensation with millions of dollars behind it, only to be rejected by the public.

Despite the decline in public consumption, it seems as if the powers that be are still pushing forward with this idea that lab-grown meat will be the meat of the future.

In December, The Food and Drug Administration declared laboratory-grown chicken is “safe to eat.

“Dozens” of bigger American food companies hope to create their own home-grown meat, according to the Washington Post, and more FDA announcements are likely in the near future.


Despite the efforts of the big tech and MSM to market the product as a must-have in everybody's home, some researchers were way ahead of the curve and saw the industry's failure as inevitable. Dr. Jayne Buxton was one of the few with a high profile willing to predict not only its shortcomings regarding marketing but also the health concerns that most shy away from.

Dr. Jayne Buxton's interview on "Ireland AM's" YouTube channel.

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