It's amazing how mainstream media continues to ignore the massive protests by farmers all over the world. You would think this would be an important issue to cover, but apparently it's not. We have not heard even a peep from CNN or MSNBC about the flood plants that have been either shut down or in some cases burned down over the past year and a half. No, it seems January 6th is far more important. 

In the Netherlands, Dutch farmers have protested against Amsterdam's plans to shut down farms forcibly. Several farmers rolled out the tractors, defying police orders, gathered in central Netherlands to show their displeasure for the elites and their draconian laws which targets emmisions. The new climate change plan (Agenda2030) rules are pushing many farmers over the edge.

Now the Germans have joined the Dutch and the Italians to protest against these forced shutdowns, as the momentum of the freedom fighters picks up steam.

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